0Rural youth employment in the countries of the Eastern Partnership is one of today’s most pressing topics. These countries need innovative solutions to reduce the level of youth unemployment in rural areas and develop entrepreneurial potential in the green economy for a sustainable development.

The project “Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth – JOURNEY” proposes an innovative approach in the field of entrepreneurial potential development in rural youth of the EaP countries participating in the project (Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia).

Rural youth has fewer opportunities for self-realization and employment in rural areas, therefore the project provides exactly raising the level of knowledge of young people, adopting experience from the countries of the European Union.

The project activity is scheduled for 23 months (15.12.2018-14.11.2020)*.

* - Extended until 14.06.2021  due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Target audience of the project: young men and women from 18 to 30 years and youth mentors living in the regions of Vinnytsia in Ukraine, Ganjabasar in Azerbaijan, Imereti region of Georgia, involved as follows:

  • 21 mentors participating in Training for mentors in IT and PL
  • 21 young people in Youth Exchanges in IT and PL
  • 30 young people in Capacity-buiding workshops

The project intends to recruit 100% of project participants from rural youth populations who have fewer opportunities for business development and entrepreneurship.

“Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth – JOURNEY” is implemented in partnership of 8 organizations (including the countries of the European Union (Italy, France and Poland)) and the Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia) who have experience in implementing international youth projects related to entrepreneurship education and skills. In the long run it will help bring the partner EaP countries (Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia) to a new level of economic relations with the European Union and will facilitate future European integration of these countries.