1In line with the Erasmus+ objectives, the object “Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth – JOURNEY” aims:

  • 1. To reduce youth unemployment in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.
  • 2. To promote the development of entrepreneurial potential of rural youth in EaP countries.

In order to reach the above mentioned aims, the specific objectives are:

  • 1. to allow youth workers from UA, AZ and GE to acquire mentorship skills as well as knowledge, methods and tools to support rural youth and young entrepreneurs.
  • 2. to promote entrepreneurship education and equip mentors and young people with necessary tools to develop entrepreneurship skills through online training.
  • 3. to raise awareness about entrepreneurship education and establish networks of young people/young entrepreneurs from rural areas to exchange knowledge and good practices.
  • 4. to learn from the EU experience and to launch a dialogue between rural youth from EU and EaP countries for sharing experience and communication.