клубThe aim of Clubs of Young Entrepreneurs is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship education and establish networks of young people/young entrepreneurs from rural areas to exchange knowledge and good practices. They will be created in UA, AZ and GE.

CYE will be based on supporting creative youth in developing entrepreneurial potential and ideas through non-formal learning, hands-on experience and innovative approaches to entrepreneurship education. They will also be a hub where youth can get advice and help at the regional and district level.

CYEs will continue to operate in each of the project countries (Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia) and will involve rural youth, instructing them to write quality business plans, and assist in business development together with the involved authorities. Upon completion of the project based on the web-platform the developed “Mentor” program will operate for new entrepreneurs who started their business thanks to implementation of the project.

Created Clubs of Young Entrepreneurs in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan will address the issues of the development of economy, providing suggestions to authorities in order to influence policies and processes of economy transformation.